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HOYE enables you to transform your website into a customized Metaverse that can bring a range of benefits for businesses and organizations. While traditional web pages are typically static and limited to 2D content, a website in the metaverse allows users to have a 3D immersive experience which can be much more attractive and engaging to help increase users' interest in the content, loyalty and to create a deeper connection with the company or organization. Explore ours services for helping build metaverses by scrolling down.

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| How Hoye Works

Your website as a Metaverse

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Hoye transform your website as fully immersive experiences, making content more engaging and attractive.

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Multiplayer interactions for users to interact with each other, creating a deeper connection and sense of community.

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Unreal 5.1 outstanding pixelstreaming experiences. You can bring your own enviroment and we put in on-line for you.

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We offer the knowledge and infrastructure for getting your Metaverse experience running on cloud with multiplayer. AWS or self-hosted, we have the right support for your company.



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Marcos Silva

Hoye Co-Founder

“With the development of today's technology, Metaverse is a very useful tool for comunity building, advertising and engagement. With our technology we make it easy to have your own dynamic and imersive experience.”

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